Greetings Schtummers

Well we have had the last outdoor Schtumm till next year so we now move inside for the Autumn season. Sadly licensing laws preclude us from having any more outside gigs till next year.
This month we have 2 great artists

Adam Masterson we have known for some time but he has been in London supporting the likes of the Stereophonics etc. We have been trying for the last 18 months to get Adam here and finally he has a gap in his diary for us. Welcome Adam.

AdamMasterson small

Adam sings deep moody songs and his set will really move you. Schtumm…. is mighty proud to bring you talent like this to our little venue

Our second act, PAPAM FAYA or P.F.P



PFP stage Oceng & Nino small


PFP on stage

   is a pop band, influenced by groovy music. The band was created in 2004 in Lillebonne (Normandy region).

P.F.P aka Papam Faya came to the 201 Jamboree and after a slow start started to add their funk and feel to the proceedings. They impressed all with their cool French take on the groove. We welcome them back as family. If you love a good groove, a bit of soul and some added funk then this is just for you.

So…. If you like quirky funky French bands like Daft Punk, Chunk No Capt. Chunk and Air then you are in the zone.

This is a great Funky French Band we have imported especially for you. This will put a zing n the proceedings and you wont be able to stop your feet from moving. With a guitarist called Nino Gotfunk! The clue is on the tin.

schtummSept  2014 robdesign final 2