Sannie Fox sways across an evolving sonic tapestry of desert blues, soul and psychedelic rock sounds. The voracious singer and nimble guitarist has released three albums; the first with her band, machineri and another two solo albums to follow entitled Serpente Masjien (SAMA Nominated) and My Soul Got Stranger.
Fox formed the twanging blues-rock 3-piece machineri and released a self-titled album in 2010 featuring the songs “Big Bad Machine” & “The Searchers” with all album art-work created by Storm Thorgerson (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd).

Fox growing up with roots between Cape Town and London has played in South Africa, UK, Asia, Scandinavia & Europe. She is currently based in London.

‘…Be sure to let your ears witness the mythically marvellous blues riffs and stirring vocals that fill her songs to the brim with soul…If you dig 70’s rock or powerful, soulful voices, then this is the rock goddess for you…’- Sferikul (USA)

‘…each track stands out with singular purpose like the gadgets on a Swiss Army knife…’- Texx and the City (SA) on Serpente Masjien
‘My Soul Got Stranger continues the electrifying journey through desert blues, soul and psychedelic rock that has seen Fox become one of the most important South African artists of the past decade.’ – Diane Coetzer’


We delighted to welcome back ethereal songstress Saskia Maxwell, who at the age of 22, has gigged extensively and has performed over 600 shows and festivals in the UK alone- supporting the likes of Soft Machine, Ralph McTell, Newton Faulkner, Rae Morris and JP Cooper.

This time she’s joined forces with Synth Wizard
Silas Neptune (UK Cult Indie Band Ozric Tentacles), to experiment with musical alchemy & uncover the secrets of the universe.

Both unique musicians with an evocative sense of harmony and a knack for enchanting melodies, their music journeys through secret realms and far off dreamscapes exploring the nature of the Cosmos.

Sannie Fox + Silas & Saski