Louisa Maria

Originating from one of the UK music and art hubs, Bristol, Louisa Maria has now stepped into her solo career. Best known for her role as a lead vocalist and guitarist in one of the top power rock trio’s, Tequila Mockingbyrd, Louisa is now launching her own material. Like many musicians, she has attracted a loyal following in her local town. Louisa has also gained a larger reach through the national and international sales of her previous band’s success.

Louisa as had an extremely successful career to date, including her most recent achievement which was being asked to support Razorlight in her home town of Keynsham Space when they were on their UK tour back in October of 2018. With Tequila Mockingbyrd she also gained experience touring nationally and internationally, as well as scoring airplay on Planet Rock throughout the last part of 2018.

Since her live background in the rock genre has been strong, she has always wanted to take the leap of faith into the commercial pop scene. Louisa has a very strong resemblance with her music to the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato.

With releases being planned throughout the remainder of 2019 and 2020, you can be sure to recognise the name Louisa Maria – and not just for her previous successes.

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Cut Throat Francis

Cut Throat Francis sing songs about failing to be successful, responsible grown-ups on folk instruments; sometimes in swing rhythms, and mostly with upbeat Eastern European flavours. So we’re a Bristol based Balkan swing band… kind of. But they’re not folk songs in the traditional sense. We like loud and sweaty shows, even if every now and then we do slow, sad songs about ghosts or feeling sleepy. This means we play anywhere and everywhere, from house parties to festival stages. We want to sing, dance and get drunk with you, so let’s have it!  Let’s meet up in dingy cellars and soggy fields, let’s get drenched in beer and get our knees up off the ground, because what else are you doing with your evenings anyway?

Cut Throat Francis formed in Bristol in 2017, but their roots go back to the London university where they met. Sharing a love for folk and the exotic, the obvious thing to do on returning to Bristol was to form a band combining folk, swing and upbeat Eastern European flavours.

They linked up with Screamlite Records to release their debut EP Ghosts in May 2018, recorded in Bath by producer Josh Gallop. Their affinity for unusual instruments is brought to bear on their sound, bringing banjo, mandolin and harmonica into the mix along with rich harmonies and thumping beats from the cajon.

2018 saw them gain ground at a number of venues across London, the Southwest and the Midlands, along with appearances at festivals such as Boomtown and Wonderfields. They have been busily preparing their next studio effort, a five track EP planned for release in late spring.