Bonfire Radicals + Floatstone

Bonfire Radicals

Birmingham based Bonfire Radicals have emerged from the folk/world scene with a fresh approach to traditional tunes and a host of creative original material. They weave together raucous woodwind, delicate vocals, progressive violin, hard hitting bass, psychadelic electric guitar and percussive beats. Drawing on their eclectic backgrounds, the band chart many divergent influences upon their sound – medieval polyphony, jazz tinged swing, Canterbury sound, klezmer and all points in between. Known for their highly-spirited stage presence, the Bonfire Radicals’ own enthusiasm for their music is undeniable.

Raucous and eclectic, sheer merriment in a gorgeous set of ideas and influences, guaranteed to leave you smiling from ear to ear.”
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There is no other music worth making than music that stems from the heart. That is how FLOATSTONE feels about it. Songs well up out of the spiritual ether, unfold themselves, sometimes nearly finished, sometimes a bit at a time. And when they are whole he loves to share them with the world, preferably live. Contact with an audience is fundamental to FLOATSTONE’s voyage on the sea of music. “You actually sing about something.” So often this has been a feedback from members of the crowd after a show. Because, basically, it is not a show when FLOATSTONE plays live. It is rather the sharing of his soul, the nakedness of vulnerability, the bluntness of how he feels about existence and about the world which, all of us, give shape to, whether we want to or not.
Deeply embedded in dropping the old story of the world, in developing how to live in the gift, convinced that new stories need to be written and being a practical permaculturist, FLOATSTONE comes with the message of love, of connection.

FLOATSTONE is Brick de Bois’ (Antwerp, Belgium) musical alter ego.

“Although this singer songwriter folk guitarist hails from Belgium, his folk music is as universal as it comes. His English lyrics are witty and thoughtful, while his singing style is warm, but with a little bite to it. The acoustic guitar has the sharper bite as the strings are struck with focus and energy and create a sharp and powerful resonance to this music. He adds some interesting percussion at times and plays everything himself. This is folk music for now with all the antecedents there deep within, but fresh and brimming with clarity. Hopefully Floatstone can continue to tour the globe and get more people interested in his music. He is a fine member of the world folk scene. ”
David Hintz – FolkWorld Magazine