Summer Schtumm Jamboree
Tuesday 26th June – Saturday 30th June
Songwriting, workshops, performance and sunshine!
All at The Queen’s Head, Box, SN13 8NH

This will be the 8th time we have taken a massive risk. A fly by the seat of your pants creative adventure. A collaborative pressure pot where you are free to explore your wildest creative fantasies, where you can flush out those ideas you had that would never turn into a song, find a backing track for that hook line you wrote or a hook line for the great backing track you had. 

Find a lyricist for your melody, a horn section to funk up your song – the opportunities are endless.

Devote 5 days of your life to a musical adventure, free up the blocked chakras, allow yourself the luxury of trying ideas and instruments you don’t usually have the time to meddle with. Meet other musicians, make connections, network, learn how others approach the songwriting game.

☀️ For those of you who have been part of our winter jamborees, let’s take advantage of warmer, sunnier vibes!!! ☀


We will be providing workshop/discussion opportunities for all.
Back to Basics – The Life of a Creative, On the Road – Money, Money, Money – Fundamental Structures
Please email directly if you have something to share.

We are aiming for a late afternoon/early evening performance opportunity for all your brand new songs on Saturday 30th.
The performance will be video and multitrack recorded and live streamed all for your post production use.
You can come and go as you please during the creative process but if you are an integral part of a song you must be free and able to perform on the Saturday. We understand that you may not be able to attend all the time due to work commitments, which is fine!
Please get in touch via
or email directly for more information and enquiries.
We will meet and greet each morning of the week from 10:30am with a lovely cup of tea/coffee so just pop along and join in!
The Queen’s Head offers fabulous food at fair prices from 12pm – 2pm and 7pm – 9pm.
Check out their website for their menu
Parking available in the pub carpark and at the Selwyn Hall.
There are local amenities close by plus bus services to Bath and Chippenham.