So Mr B has been working with Haji Mike for thirty years this year. It all started in a studio behind Highbury Corner in London in 1988 when Simon Emmerson turned up with this mad “Bubble” and they wrote a choon called Mousiki. That was followed by Stavroulla a parody on Oh Carolina. Both tunes went to #1 in Cyprus and a start was born.

Roll on 30 years and its Dr Haji Mike Associate professor of media and household name in Cyprus and internationally respected in the reggae and poetry worlds. Haji Mike has been involved in Poets 4 Peace and trying to reconcile differences between the sides in the split island.

Mr B hooked up with Haji Mike in Nicosia in February and was well chuffed when he heard the Highgate Rockers jamming in their secret rehearsal room. Trust Haji Mike to end up with a super multicultural band, so they are drawing on rock , reggae and Greek styles but there is also a hint of Mexican and some Turkish spice…. SO its a wonderful amalgam that is tastefully put together.

The Highgate Rockers really impressed me and we are sure they will impress you too. The only way we got them here is because they will be in Real World Studios recording so that helped us to bring fabulous international talent to you.

We were also lucky enough to get Phil king in as a second act. Phil is a classic English singer/songwriter who writes fabulous songs and is a class act when it comes to performing. We think we have laid on a fabulous evening for you… Please tell your friends and bring a large posse with you. Remember all the money goes to the artists so the more the merrier…

Cypriot superstar Haji Mike brings his Greek Reggae band!

Years ago Haji Mike made his first steps chatting on the mic by daring to be different making a unique style of Reggae blended with Cypriot/Greek instrumentation and melodies combining intelligent lyrics. That journey has taken him all over the world physically, starting from a bedsit apartment in Green Lanes, Haringey, London above the legendary Trehantiri Record Shop, then moving back to Cyprus and performing in Greece, USA, South Africa, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Jamaica, Japan, Portugal, Morocco, and Corsica/France. In Cyprus he has become a bit of an urban legend.

Phil King
As a singer-songwriter Phil King has the whole trinity: a beautiful, soulful singing voice; deft skills at playing the guitar and the capacity to write elegantly worded and powerful songs. Seen live, his diffident charm could win over the grumpiest of crowds!