Blue Dog 
We write music we love: Rock/Roots/Fusion

Inspired by Zep, Dixie Dregs, Focus & Cream, the band
Steve Hall (Innes Sibun, The Louie Miller Project and Soul Shakers) Mike Fossett (Electric Lobsters, DC Zebo’s Wheezy Club)
Nigel Johnston (Nightfall) Steve Kingston (Kevin Brown, Innes Sibun, Built for Comfort, Galway Blonde) bring their collective experience and creativity to create music they love.

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Will Lawton & Weasel Howlett

Honest and soulful piano-based song writing brought alive by vibrant percussion. Or as Weasel puts it, ‘folk storytelling, with rock passion’.

Fossils of the Mind their brand new album was recorded just down the road at Real World Studios and is released on 26th January 2018! Yes, a release date gig! Wooopeeee!