So we have had a fabulous year at Schtumm – We have had a lot of fun and have brought you some fabulous bands. Looking back over the year we are amazed at the level of talent.  We will be sending out a separate email asking you to vote for the best band of the year

This is who has graced the stage this year

Schtumm 2017
January The Black Feathers My Style
February The Epstein Temper Cartel
March Arcadia Roots Saskia Maxwell
April The Littlemen Louie Miller Project
May Duotone Kat & Co
June Xtra Rasha Nahas
June Rik Van Den Bosch Nkomba
July Thieves of Time Leander Morales
August Xtra N’Faly Kouyate
August The Duckworths Circe’s Diner
September Dilshad Khan Davis Lindley Mullins
October Tom Forbes Jennifer Crook Trio
November Meghan Burt Michelle Lewis
November Pete Williams Steve Degutis
December The Jamboree

Its an impressive list for a little village.  So we have hit December and the festive season. The Jamboree is upon us and it is the week of the 12-15 December 2017. We will be having a party for the village on the 15th December.

So what happens on the Jamboree. Something extraordinary occurs. Musicians descend on the village and centre round the Queens Head. On Tuesday morning they all meet and its an empty slate. No bands and no songs. The rules are simple. Do not play with your own band, do not bring any songs you have already composed.

So they all present ideas to each other and start working on developing songs together. Its a challenge and there is pressure to create quickly. They have to use the skills and the instruments available to them.  Its an exercise collaboration and cooperation. This happens on the Tuesday and Wednesday. On the Thursday we knuckle down to deciding which songs are working and which songs are not. Then start refining them. Friday morning we decide what will be played at the party and start the dress rehearsals. Friday night we play the songs that were created during the preceding 3 days.

This will be the 7th year we have done this now and its always an exhilarating experience. Come and see the magic happen. You are welcome at the Queens during the week, lots of musos in the bar and you may well get to see some tunes being written. Then Friday night is the big reveal and tickets will be available for the party from the Queens Head. They are at a village price of £5.00 per ticket.

Tickets available from The Queens Head

From Friday 8th December 2017