Schtumm…. How it Works


Schtumm was started in 2010. Rob Bozas approached Dean Creighton at the Queens Head to put on a showcase gig for Katey Brooks. This was December 2012 on a Thursday night. It was a fabulous evening and well attended by the villagers. A number of villagers asked one when the next one would be.  Hmmm thought I. I booked a meeting with Dean to discuss how it would work if I put on more acts. He confessed that he loved bands doing original music and would love to bring original bands to the venue as a regular club.

We then decided that we would do the last Friday of every month and put 2 bands on. Occasionally we have done Schtumm Xtra’s when a touring band has been coming through and it’s not the end of the month.


The Avon Delta Blues, Joseph Arthur, Dub Colossus, katey Brooks, Judy Dyble, Rasha Nahas, Ron Sexsmith, The Littlemen, Shelleyan Orphan,  Skip McDonald, Jennifer Crook Trio, Suzi Condrad, Duotone, The Peoples String Foundation, Geoffrey Oryema,Pete Williams (Ex-Dexy’s)  JuJu, Ayub Ogada, Mim Suliaman, Samuel Yerga, KyleMusic, Kevin Brown, The Black Feathers, Temper Cartel,  KAT & Co., Dexter Selboi & The Shonky Trio, Dubsoul, Emily McGuire, Urusen, Beth Porter & the Availables, What Flag, The Little Unsaid, Amadou Diagne, Wouter Kellerman, The Flamenco Thief, Port Erin,  Stay Hungry   and more…….


Schtumm… is a small venue with a capacity of 50-60 depending on squashiness… (indoor in the Long Room) September – April

Outside in the marquee could fit over 100 May – September (Weather Permitting)

December is the Schtumm Jamboree. This takes place over 4 days Tuesday to Friday in Mid December

The club is well set up.


Dean has a PA company so we have really good gear. Presonus mixing desk, more wattage than you will ever need (The PA is on about 2 and can go all the way to 11 so you have loads of headroom) There are loads of microphones, mic stands, music stands, guitar stands, DI boxes and proper stages in both rooms.


There are proper lights and it’s set up as a club . Backline – it’s good to share so that we can have quick change overs. In terms of house backline we have a few spare guitars and a bass (Squier and Epiphone) we also have a Fender Twin Reverb, a good Bass Amp with a clean DI, a stage Piano (Yamaha) with weighted keys and a second one if needed. We have a Sonor House Kit that sounds fab (bring your own breakables).


We film the gig on 5 or 6 cameras depending on the set up (6th camera is a drum kit camera)

It’s live mixed and streamed on FB Live

Then uploaded to Youtube


We have SD cards in all 6 cameras. An average performance takes up 40GB x 6 is 240GB of


Then there is the live mixed data which is another 30GB

We record the gig as a multi track file (Logic) so depending on the number of instruments we could have up to 22 tracks… Allow 10GB


So if you want all your data you need to bring a HD with at least 320GB capacity and available. It takes time to copy so please bring packaging (Old Amazon boxes are fab) and addressed to where you want us to post it to.


We will feed you (Normally something like a a chilli and rice dish) or something with Chips or  in winter bangers and mash) We can cater for vegoids but you must tell us beforehand.


Sometimes we can help with accommodation but we need a lot of warning and its depending on availability.


It’s a village so we charge £10.00 on the door. That is split with the bands. We do not keep any of the money. You get all the door take.  You get paid on the night.


We market the gig both with posters and  through our mailing list and Facebook. The more you help us the more money you make. Reach out to your local friends and get them to spread the word and share the FB posts. get active on Twitter – It all puts money in your pocket.


That is normally decided in soundcheck. We do not run a main band / support hierarchy. We try and work out the best evening, what will be the best for the audience and also what will work for change overs / stage set up. We also realise that if a band will pull a big crowd it’s best to put them on second to stop the crowd disappearing after the first set. All this is taken into consideration.  The last point is outside in the summer we tend to [put the quieter bands on second out of respect to the neighbours.

We do compare the show so will announce you and do what we can to help you sell CD’s / Merch.


Normally from 5pm to 7pm


We are happy for you to sell merch. We don’t want to commission your sales.


The Queens head


Queens Head, High St,

Box, Corsham SN13 8NH

01225 742-340

Rob: 07771-907-032