Ali George with special guest: Tom Allen

Ali’s beautifully controlled voice reminds many of Cat Stevens and Nick Drake.His self-penned songs (which range in genre from Folk to Americana/ Blues) are as exciting and entertaining as they are honest and original.
Ali will be joined by double-bassist Tom Allen (Bartoune, The Zen Hussies) whose engaging and mesmerising playing style complements Ali’s songs beautifully.

Adam Masterson

Since his debut album One Tale Too Many, Adam has also performed with Mick Jones of The Clash, Patti Smith, and Joseph Arthur. Masterson delivers a masterful rock/soul vibe that reminds listeners of rock’s more luminous voices of the 60’s and 70’s. His latest single includes rock’s biggest names including Paul Stacey on high strung guitar (Oasis/Black Crowes), Charlie Jones on bass (Page and Plant/Goldfrapp) and David Rhodes on electric Guitars (Peter Gabriel/Scott Walker).