Dear Schtummers,

We hope you’ve had a fantastic summer holiday and are prepared to welcome the autumn colours that will be coming our way soon.

We figured that we would give the summer a damn good send off and have got two amazing bands for you.

Jama is the first band – some of its members have played to the Schtumm audience in other bands. What really excited us was the wonderful fusion of African, Cuban, and just a damn good feel band. If this band doesn’t put you in a good mood, I’m not sure what can.

The second band is Marshall, Patten & Whitefield. Steve Marshall is another artist with a long association with Schtumm and we first experimented with this new band at KIK Radio in the Spring. They did an amazing job and we encouraged them to take the initial concept and develop it further. Some of what they did reminded me of early Crosby, Stills and Nash. These are just great songs delivered in a really polished but enthusiastic way and we think that this band will be gracing a lot of festival stages next year.

We are really proud to bring both bands to you on the Schtumm stage – look forward to seeing you there.

Schtumm poster August 2014