Schtumm September 2012 Poster

September 28th Schtumm….

OK so where do we start with this months Schtumm…. A few years ago we were given a Burned CD by an artist called Jenny Crook, the record was called Champagne for Breakfast. This fast became one of the popular choices in the house. Roll forward a few years and I meet an extraordinary harpist called Jennifer Crook and after a while the penny drops (given that “Champagne“was a singer / songwriter guitar album, I do have a small excuse) and I ask her about Champagne for Breakfast, She is duly surprised as she only sold a handful of them before going into the studio and making a “Proper” record.

Well our musical paths have crossed on a number of occasions mostly through cellist Beth Porter who is well known to Schtumm….. regulars. I tried to book Jennifer in March, April and July but she was just too busy working her new album Merry Go Round. Well we finally got her and she is going to be playing some Merry go Round ( “I’m really, really loving the new album ‘Merry-Go-Round’ – it’s beautiful” Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 ) and some fantastic new songs as yet unrecorded and unreleased. (I had a sneak preview of some rough demo’s and the songs sound FAB).

Well that got me really excited and then she casually drops in that she will be accompanied by Andy Creswell Davis and I’m thinking …. I am sure his name came up n the credits on John Lennon’s Imagine album. Hmmmm…. ikkle google search reveals a dark past of Stackridge, Hits with the Korgi’s and songs with Rod Stewart and Manhattan Transfer. He has sessioned with all the good and the great including Sir George Martin, Tears For Fears, Julian Cope, Goldfrapp, & Spiritualised amongst others.

So I am figuring we have got a fantastic evening laid on for you all when Dean announces that his favourite Australian Reggae Band are back in the UK and can do Schtumm…. on the 28th ……………… Dean has been working on getting this band to play the Queens for 2 years ………… so whadda we do?  Well …. for starters we have a great Oz Reggae band called Kindread and they do reggae, dub, funk and Rock all rolled up into one neat joint package. We have the Fantastic Jennifer Crook and a legend Andy Creswell Davis!


Well in true Schtumm….. style there are no headliners no supports ……. just a line up with FANTASTIC talent oozing out of every crevice of the stage ………… SO we will present

8:30 Andrew Creswell Davis Trio – 30 minutes of the magic that only Andy can create

9:15 Jennifer Crook Trio feat: Beth Porter & Mike Cosgrove – 45 Minutes af the wonderful beauty and irresistible songs

10:00 Kindread will Reggae-fy de rest of de evening and you can skank away the last remnants of summer

Now if thats not a wicked evenings entertainment I don’t know what is. Get there early – this one is gonna be ram packed.


Bring warm clothes we want to do this on the big outdoor stage. If the weather is diabolical we will go inside and if we do then get there early!!!