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Dear SchtummersNuala Honan

We’ve got some fabulous musicians hailing from far away places playing at the November Schtumm….

Nuala Honan will warm your hearts and minds and her soulful voice will ward off any chills as winter approaches.

Originally from Australia, she’s settled in nearby Bristol and is heading this way to give us a taste of her beautiful songs.

We’re as sure as sure can be that she’s going to deliver a fantastic set.

Soul Club Vienna are a rock solid funk band who captivate their audiences with deep down grooves that will thrill you.

Soul Club ViennaCheck out their live performance Soul Club Vienna Live!

Both bands are Über cool – the real deal.

We are delighted to bring these class acts to the Schtumm…. stage and look foward to seeing you there.

Nuala Honan and Soul Club Vienna

Nuala Honan and Soul Club Vienna

Why Nuala?

We have heard a lot about Nuala’s amazing show from the likes of Beth Porter and Jennifer Crook – She comes highly recommended and we really want to hear he play. She is also a very busy young lady and we have had to wait a good few months for a Last Friday and a Free date in her diary. Bring it on Nuala!!!  Check this out  I think its brilliant.

Why Soul Club Vienna?

Well this is a band led by guitarist Francis Montocchio. Francis and I did our first gig together in 1975 in South Africa. After that we did a good few shows between 1976 and 1980 whilst at University. Mr Montocchio is an amazing guitarist with a repertoire that spans classical, to rock, to Jazz Funk. I lost contact with Francis around 1980…ish and only reconnected in 2012 when I discovered he was living in Vienna.  I was pleased to discover he is still playing guitar and has been performing all over Europe. This is his fun band and they quite simply groove….  This has a great Jan Akkerman like feel (Do you remember FOCUS!?)


Nuala Honan and Soul Club Vienna come to Schtumm

Nuala Honan and Soul Club Vienna come to Schtumm