Schtumm…. may 2014  (Outside Stage)

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Swallow and the Wolf

Like Gianni Swallow and the Wolf has graced a few Schtumm stages and he brings his wonderful brand of whistful folk tales, but played with passion and verve. Russell is welcome at Schtumm…. anytime.  He is in a similar vein to Ali George who played last month.

I nicked this from Russel’s web site

Suffolk boy Russell and Australian girl Jess tell stories of every day passions, extraordinary moments and unsung heroes.

Their sound is driven and picked acoustic guitar, mercurial, bass heavy piano lines, lo-fi drums, rich cello lines and melodic vocal harmonies.

The duo have picked up support from Tom Robinson and Chris Hawkins at BBC6, Sophie Little BBC Norfolk, Billy Butler BBC Merseyside, and John Govier BBC Devon.


Plain Portrait


We arer very pleased to have Gianni performing his debut gig with his new band Plain Portrait. Gianni Cossu is an extraordinarily gifted guitarist with a repertoire that spans Blues, Rock and Funk. he has described his new band as Bluesy Funk with a dash of Rock. I am not quite sure what that meands but what I do know is that I love Gianni’s playing and he always comes up with something special. I am sure Picture Portrait will not disappoint.


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