FRIDAY 25th May, Schtumm…. presents



Its time to grab your baggy trousers, start looking sharp, and get your dancing feet on – Cast your mind back to the days of the selector, The Specials and Madness. Summer is fast approaching (promise), so the feel good has arrived and Largo Embargo have it in spades!

Schtumm… takes great pleasure in bringing you a great local Ska band to whip awap the cobwebs in the long room, and to get our feet moving. Its time to be happy.. all that Brass, Bass, and chanky guitar.. Ladies and Gentlemen… be prepared!!

[quote]”They combine the best of dub, ska, rock, hip hop and a bit of funk,resulting in a kind of sexy swagger, which
induces an almost unquenchable urgency to strut, shoulders back and chin high.” [/quote]


Dr. Leroy Elephonté Jnr was born in a cave somewhere deep under the city of Harare, Zimbabwe. Escaping the sacrificial knife of his evil father Leroy Elephonté Snr at just 2 days old, he had to fend for himself from a very young age. Turning tricks and performing sorrowful laments on his 9 stringed baby elephant skull guitar, The Dr soon made a name for himself as the undisputed king of freeform jazz poetry. At the age of 4 and a half, stowing away in the air cavity of a rubber dingy he starting his long and arduous sail north to mainland England and expected stardom.

Touching down 16 years later, he’d lost everything. All the years of sorrow had been numbed by his brutal and sexually frightening voyage, all the honing of musical skill was drowned like the pack lunch he dropped just after leaving africa. Now performing his mediocre live show at pubs and just on the side of the road all around the southwest, Dr. Elephonté is surely the bottom of the acoustic/ska/hip hop Barrel.

See you on the 25th JUNE….

In: The Long Room,

The Queens Head, Box

Doors 8:30

Stage: 8:45

Tickets: £4.00

When its Full it’s Full

(The last few shows have been completely full so arrive early for tickets!)