Schtumm 2015 – Friday 27th March

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We are delighted to welcome the ‘simply wonderful’ Boat To Row and the witty musicality of local band Dexter Selboy & The Shonky Trio.

Boat To Row and Dexter Selboy & The Shonky Trio

This Birmingham quintet have earned an outstanding live reputation since their beginnings as a solo project in 2009. They combine a genuine ease in each other’s musical company with an energetic, skilfully crafted sound. Expect an intricate set woven with strings and vocal harmonies, layered with an ever-expanding collection of instruments. CrossroadsGrassmarketand Loyal Light EPs have paved the way for new single Tightrope.


Dexter Selboy and the Shonky Trio offer up a blend of folk, soul, rock and blues. Dexter and his band “will stir your soul and sway your bones with their finger-picking, snare-whipping, trombone-tooting sundry of songs. Riding in on a myriad of talents, the group boasts brassy beats, soulful rhythms and lyrical brilliance that will have everyone’s toes tapping and minds capering.” Poppy May Henderson (meta poet and gold grade nice person).

So come on down to the Queen’s Head in Box for a wonderful evening of great music and good times.