FRIDAY 29th June, Schtumm…. presents


Stevie jo approached us at the Beth Porter gig  wanting to play Schtumm…. She was dressed like a star, make up, mini skirt, bowler hat and more chutzpah than Delboy offloading some dodgy DVD’s. She is just 17 but has managed to garner respect from the likes of Beth Porter, Jools Scott and some of the hottest west country musicians.

This delicate diminutive lady packs quite a punch.  She is about shattering perceptions. She plays the double bass with vigour and verve, she is a great singer and is writing songs way beyond her 17 years. Her playing shows evidence of some really hard graft. She started in the national Childrens Orchestra, she went on to Wells Cathedral School and the Royal Academy’s Junior Jazz Department. Stevie jo toured China with the Wiltshire Youth Orchestra in 2010.

Stevie jo is becoming an accepted musician on the local scene and will soon be gigging the national circuits. Performing with Stevie jo for this gig will be the king of keys, Jools Scott, Ellie Frank and Indra Dryden-Shaw two wonderfully versatile vocalists, and we are  very lucky to have Sue Lord on viola and Theo Elwell on violin…. BRING IT ON STEVIE JO we are all ears!



Dexter came to our attention courtesy of Jools Scott. We thought we need to bring somthing that was inspired by poetry. We wanted to find a true wordsmith, someone who can bend and weave adjectives, play with metaphors, and deliver pop popping onomatopoeia. We unearthed some great local talent and Dexter agreed to come and perform at Schtumm… we are very lucky indeed..!

See you on the 29th JUNE….

In: The Long Room,

The Queens Head, Box

Doors 8:30

Stage: 8:45

Tickets: £4.00

When its Full it’s Full

(The last few shows have been completely full so arrive early for tickets!)