This Month we are delighted to Welcome Skip McDonald Wiki.          Stream Schtummofficial

Who is Skip McDonald some of you may ask? ……………….

He is a great singer,  RnB Guitarist, a Bluesman, Hip-Hop pioneer, and an altogether fabulous entertainer.  Big deal you may think. I bet you have some of his records in your collection.

Do you remember Rappers Delight (Sugar Hill Gang) – Yup that’s skip on guitar,
Grandmaster Flash – The Message, White Lines (Don’t Do It) – Yup that’s Skip
African Headcharge – Yup that’s Skip
Tackhead – – Yup that’s Skip
Little Axe – Thats Skips Band and he has 4 albums on Real World and various others Check them out on Amazon Little Axe

Schtumm Fri 31st July

This is a fabulous opportunity to catch this brilliant artist in the intimate Schtumm…. venue.

Charlie Williams is a local Pianist Singer Songwriter who has really impressed us with his brilliance.

The show will be streamed on FB – Schtummofficial