Hi Schtummers….

So we are into 2014 and the new season has begun. We have a real richness of talent coming through and  the Schtumm…. diary is already filling up fast.  This January we Kick thinjgs off with The Layers and Carrieanne Hayden, February with Pina and Goldray, March and April with Secrets from Richard, Russell Swallow, Ali George and Sue Harding and more managers and agents are contacting us. Schtumm…. seems to have become a “must play” club. For a small club in a little village that’s quite an achievement and the thanks go to you all who frequent the club and give the performers a great audience…

Now lets get to this month….





This is a cool band that Dean has had at the pub in the past and he thinks are just brilliant. I listened through to the material and they are a great band that seems to be influenced by the likes a of bad Company, REM and U2. So I had a cool section of my record collection echoing back at me. Lads we have thrown down the gauntlet, all we can say is its time to strut yer stuff….







Carrianne came to us through Neville Farmer who saw her playing up in Bewdeley and was blown away. Since listening I think this may well be a real “find” . There is so much skill, such cool songwriting, great arrangements, wonderful moods and colours and she seems to deliver emotion in spades. Bring it on Carianne!

This is going a great way to kick Schtumm…. 2014 into life

January Poster Final