Well Schtummers….. sorry for the delay in getting to you but we had a cancellation. The guitarist fro the Jag Hearts broke a finger and then it went septic so they have had to pull the gig. We will have them on stage later in the year but its not going to happen this month.

But then we got lucky and we heard that professor Riff Raffington would be in the vacinnity working with his inkredible Tula Tula Piknik Orkestra. Prof Raffington is the konduktor and arranger of this unique outfit and they are a delight to watch. Last time I saw professor Raffington performing with his Piknik Orkestra was in Kazan, Tartastan (Russia) and they were fabtastikally brilliantissimo.

The Professor has been selecting songs and works based on a Chefs special selection. We have had a Smorgasbord of talent before but this is a feast a sumptious event – indeed a veritable musikal Piknik! This is the only UK performance of the Tula Tula Piknik Orkestra this year so you will be very lucky indeed to have “been there” …. Oh! we are just so klever at Schtumm…. we are so proud to have brought you this super special one off event.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy…..

Doors: 8:15pm Tax: £5

FRIDAY – January 25th