Schtumm 2015 – Friday 27th FebruarySchtummfeb

Schtumm…. is excited to welcome ‘Inu’. Inu have been at the forefront of the folk scene in the South west of England for over 10 years. A respected band that having played numerous festivals and folk clubs in the UK Ireland and beyond including Glastonbury, Chippenham folk festival, Bath Fringe festival, Bath folk festival, Bangor folk festival and Fethyie world music festival. They have played alongside many greats in the folk world including Lunasa, Frankie Gavin & De Dannan. 

We’re also delighted that the talented  ‘Xogara’ is gracing our stage. Hailing from Oxford via Galicia, Wales, and the West Country (including a brief sojourn in Box), Xogara are everything you might expect of an Anglo-Cymraeg-Galego four-piece. These acoustic multi-instrumentalists play with verve and gusto whilst preserving the integrity of their subtle arrangements. The arrangements are drawn from traditional and contemporary music from all over the British Isles and beyond. Xogara is an idiosynctratic symphony of story-telling woven with the voices of flute, bazouki, sax, whistles, guitar, bass, percussion and the unmissable Galician pipes

Schtummers, prepare yourselves to be swept through a wide spectrum of emotions. Come on down to the Queen’s Head in Box for a superb evening of sheer musical delight.

Lose yourself in the lyricism of this months musical adventures with both ‘Inu’ and ‘Xogara’