OK Schtummers….. This time we are delivering a Right Rocking Riot of a gig. Its guitars, great songs, quirky twists and savage wit …. All in all I reckon we have a show on our hands and there won’t be many of you glued to your chairs by the time Peyote Rev Up.


Every once in a while, there comes a band that makes you stop everything you’re doing. Peyote, as they took to the stage was one of those bands. (Eden Bath)

Their firecracker tunes have a magnetic effect, pulling the crowd in towards the whites of their eyes. They already have huge stage presence…..You feel they could rouse a riot in a retirement home…… (Plus 1 Magazine)

down and dirty, yet energetic and playful… I love it!’ (Douglas Eason, Lost Legion Records)

Check out this funky infectious ikkle ditty http://youtu.be/1lqpz676yQM


Uko, a ukulele and electric guitar duo, who fuse blues influences with hypnotic melodies to create an original, minimalistic, sound. A perfect soundtrack for the modern day dreamer.


Hailing from Lille, France, and Bristol, respectively, Hugo and Lewis met in Bristol in early 2011 and came together over a mutual love of Wyld Wood cider and good music. The Band began gigging in November 2011 and and quickly developed a new, original, sound fuzing acoustic quirky sounds with blues influenced guitar playing. Its a fantastically, deceptively complicated fusion of rhythmic ideas. The band keeps wowing crowds and winning new fans.


Here is the facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Uko/309825689134142

Doors: 8:15pm Tax: £4

FRIDAY – February 22nd