The Schtumm Xmas Jamboree enters its 5th year.

This is a fab event where artists from Schtumm gather together in box and start working on new material and collaborating on new songs for a party on the 11th December in our secret location. Tickets are available from the Queens Head – 01225 742 340 or email Reserve asap as we won’t guarantee getting them on the door this year.

Schtumm Dec 11th 2015 Jamboree Party Poster snowy


So what is the jamboree?

Artists gather here at Schtumm HQ. We normally have about 40 artists and they descend from all over the planet. Its become quite an international affair.  The rule is that the artists cannot turn up with any finished songs. They are encouraged to not play with their band members.  Day one is a sort of show an tell on an individual; level. The artists tell the participants what they do (musically) what instruments they play and what their musical ambitions are.

Then when the show and tell is over we ask artists to present ideas that they have had but never fully developed. They throw the ideas into the circle. Once in the circle other musicians may have suggestions  or even just play something complimentary,. once the person is happy with a few ideas the  contributing musicians go off to a quiet corner and develop that idea, and someone new throws another idea into the ring. This goes on  and on until we have a few groups working on songs and it just develops from there.

There will be sessions in the Queens Head on the 8th, 9th and 10th of December and then all the songs will be preformed on the 11th December in the special room. The capacity of the room is about 200 people and the tix are available from the Queens Head. Tickets are first come first served.

There will be hot food available at a reasonable price. BYO on the booze front.