On the 27th April

So we have an absolutely brilliant evening lined up for you this months Schtumm…. April 27th

2 years ago for my birthday I went and saw An evening with Andy Kershaw and it proved to be one of the best birthday presents I have ever had. The show was brilliant, informative and entertaining.

Then this year I was taking to Nasher and he told me he had built up a show “An evening with Nasher” and I thought Oooh… better get him in at Schtumm…. before it gets too expensive. Nasher is looking at touring the show in the autumn but we are being treated to a special show so that we can film the proceedings.

Nasher talks about his early Liverpool days, joining Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the shenanigans, the songs, the highs and the lows and life post FGTH. he is a passionate man, feels strongly about social issues and writes great satirical songs. He is a fab guitarist, songwriter and raconteur so be prepared for a very entertaining evening.

Supporting will be a show by our very own Gareth Hale who will be debuting a new set as a duo. New songs, new line up. He is a fabulous entertainer.

There will be a lot of demand for the tickets so book yours on
The first 20 tix will be £5.00 and after that a tenner. (We will also look after the proper Schtumm regulars).

About Nasher
Thirty years ago a band from Liverpool achieved three number one hits in the charts and followed it with a million selling debut album. Frankie Goes To Hollywood exploded in 1984 and imploded in 1987 leaving “Relax”, “Two Tribes” and “The Power Of Love” as their epitaph.

Since the band’s demise guitarist Nasher has continued to make music. After various band projects he embarked on a solo career in 1995 and has previously released three albums “Ripe”, “Le Grande Fromage” and “A Lo Minimo” and 2017 see the release of his latest collection of songs “432-1: Open the Vein”. He recently took time out to record the audio version of his autobiography “Nasher Says Relax”, an amusing account of his life to date as a musician, husband and father of three.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Listen to Nasher being interviewed by Dan Chisolm on BBC Wiltshire on Tuesday 24th April. From 10pm

Mr B and the Schtumm Team

Gareth Hale & Nasher Set 1

Gareth Hale & Nasher Set 2